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SEC has vibrant and resilient business models, which come in varied facet depending on the needs of clients. Among our business core competencies are:
Corporate advisory;

Transactional brokers for shares, businesses and deals
Mergers and acquisitions
Business alliances and affiliations
Corporate turnaround &/or restructuring in businesses, corporate capital structures (debt and/or equity restructuring)
Management buy-out
Business Development

SEC philosophy in human resources development hinges on a firm belief that all of us do not have equal talents, but all of us should have an equal opportunity to develop our talents. At SEC, we are committed to ensure that you are not only not denied of this equal opportunity to develop your talents, beyond this commitment we at SEC will championed your rights. SEC acknowledges that the richest soil, uncultivated or poor cultivated, produces the rankest weeds. SEC does not desire that to happen to our esteemed clients.
Corporate Training workshops, seminars and conferences for public and customized in-house program
Core areas technical and soft skills
Technical skills corporate governance, accounting, finance, banking, law, fraud, forensic accounting, audit, senior manager and executive coaching and the like
Soft skills interpersonal skill, public relation, communicative English, business English, business writing English, public speaking, grooming, relationship management, table-manners, motivation, coaching and the like

If not now . when? Time is neutral; but it can be made the ally of those who will seize it and use it to the full. For opportunities are seldom labeled; neither do opportunities wait for man.


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